DJs/party starters Klepto and Smith are LUX€ BOYZ, an explosive pair of music makers born out of Mike Skinner#s Tonga Balloon Party. Listen to their heady moment, Should Of Pat Me Down...

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 19 Sep 2016
  • min read
Who? DJs/party starters Klepto and Smith.

What? LUX€ BOYZ are an essential combustible element of Mike Skinner & Murkage's renowned TONGA collective.

From where? London.

What’s the story? Mike Skinner may be known as the musical genius behind The Streets but since he’s killed the project, he’s kept its spirit alive by focusing on the future, not relying on his past.

His creative muse has drawn him to film making, composing film scores and his club night, Tonga Balloon Gang, presented with Manchester’s Murkage.

It’s out of this anarchic collective of music makers, producers and MCs swagger LUX€ BOYZ aka key Tonga fixture DJs Klepto and Smith.

The night was born in a small basement under a pub in Stoke Newington and became infamous for its sweat-filled Friday night sessions of bass, grime and UK garage.

Since its birth, the crew have torn up parties and stages in Berlin and Ibiza, plus numerous festivals. The LUX€ BOYZ track, Should Of Pat Me Down, perfectly captures the silliness and energy of the club, showing off the more bass heavy side to Tonga’s musical output.

Sounds like? If you like the music of Skinner mixed with classic Niche bassline, then this is made for you…

Predicted to? Turn any discerning club upside down with their heady bass mix.

Must hear? Should of Pat Me Down. Check the Mike Skinner directed video below showing off the pair’s lavish lifestyle…