Meet Glitches - a band whose democratic thrum wouldn’t sound out of place on both BBC 6 Music and Radio 1. But with their tracks selling out instantly, there's just not enough to go round right now!

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 20 Apr 2014
  • min read
Glitches’ growing army of fans will surely be pleased to hear the band have just received PRS for Music Foundation funding to record and mix their debut album.

The Whitechapel trio’s classy pop really came to the fore last year through the Kissability label, instantly winning them kudos from pop fans and indie snobs alike.

But with tracks like RGB and Only Time Will Tell selling out straight on release, there just doesn’t seem to be enough Glitches to go round at the moment.

The band’s epic sound is grounded in a monumental clash of synth and guitar. Both compete for the catchiest riff while classic pop choruses are breaking all around.

It’s an approach that’s taking them far: Glitches’ democratic thrum wouldn’t sound out of place on both BBC 6 Music and Radio 1, while live, their electronic indie blueprint is already gaining ground.

Not content with living, writing and recording together as a band, they've built a solid local crew focused around their own live music events - Halcyon Nights.

These are hosted at Glitches' HQ, an old office block in east London, and have involved the likes of Beaty Heart, NZCA/Lines, Rhosyn and We Have Band.

All the activity has obviously struck the right chord -  last week the band joined the likes of Ghostpoet and East India Youth to become one of the latest wave to receive a PRS for Music Foundation Momentum Fund grant.