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Ghost Music

Ghost Music are a soothing Southend quartet exhuming the iridescent riffs of Durutti Column and the lulling choruses of sixties San Francisco for their pastoral indie-rock.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 15 Jan 2018
  • min read
Who? Ghost Music are singing/songwriting/guitar duo Matt Randall and Lee Hall, plus Roy Thirlwall on bass (Melodie Group) and Leighton Jennings on drums (Dark Globes).

What? Lo-fi lullabies and pastoral indie-rock.

From where? Southend.

What’s the story? Matt and Lee have been pals since the nineties, playing in the John Peel-endorsed Beatglider, before Matt went on to form Plantman.

Now a four-piece with Leighton and Roy, their bucolic guitar sounds and low-slung melodies are turning on a new generation of ears.

With iridescent riffs and lulling choruses, they owe as much to Durutti Column’s Vini Reilly as they do the West Coast sounds of the late sixties. Theirs is a rich timbre, with echoes of Yo La Tengo, House of Love and Slowdive also wrapped up in a nostalgic English romanticism.

If this sounds out-of-step with current tastes, one glance at recent pieces from Clash, God is in the TV, Loud and Quiet, and Mojo will have you thinking otherwise.

All have been enthralled by the quaint ruminations of Ghost Music's debut LP, I Was Hoping You’d Pass By Here, which lands this Friday (19 January).

As a collection of songs, its less concerned with changing the world, and more focused on celebrating the small things – a perfect tonic for New Year chaos.

Catch them live later this month when they embark on a Rough Trade Instores tour (details below).

Sounds like? Reverberations and reverie from gentler times.

Predicted to? Warm the cockles of anyone into melancholic indie-rock and swirling shoegaze.

Must hear? Strange Love
Upcoming live dates
19 January - Bristol - Rough Trade
20 January - Southend - South Record Shop
22 January - Nottingham - Rough Trade
23 January - London - Rough Trade East
31 January - London - Strongrooms