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Gabe Gurnsey

Gabe Gurnsey is embracing humid house and throbbing, dancefloor-indebted post-pop for his first foray outside of industrial electronic noiseniks Factory Floor, and it's ace...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 21 May 2018
  • min read
Who? Gabe Gurnsey from Factory Floor.

What? Humid house and throbbing, dancefloor-indebted post-pop.

What’s the story? Since co-founding Factory Floor back in 2005, Gabe has been responsible for some of the noisiest electronic outpourings of the last decade.

Alongside Mark Harris, and later Dom Butler and Nik Void, the outfit smothered modular synths with lashings of bass and drums.

From decibel-busting live shows to genre-melting releases via DFA, they’ve embraced industrial, noise, post-punk, dub and minimalism with devastating results.

Between the cracks, Gabe also began crafting insular sounds back in early 2017, exploring the subtler end of electronics that embraces Balearic house, muscular electro and the Hacienda’s high jinks.

With just taster track Ultra Clear Sound to go by so far, he seems drawn to a much softer, sparser solo sound than the limitless intensity of Factory Floor.

The release precedes Physical, a mammoth 14-track LP due on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound on 3 August, which features a guest spot for New York saxophonist Peter Gordon and additional mixing and production from the label boss himself.

Following a cracking late-night set at The Great Escape last Friday, it could shape up to be one of our albums of 2018…

Sounds like? Pulsing electronics that sit somewhere between the digital flicker of NDF and the proto-pop of Matthew Dear.

Predicted to? Win over a whole new crowd when he supports Nine Inch Nails on their autumn US tour.

Must hear? Ultra Clear Sound