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Duke Garwood

Duke Garwood channels his blistering visions through the time-honoured medium of blues. His new LP for Heavenly Recordings offers comforting words and enveloping sounds - an antidote to disorientating times...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 23 Jan 2017
  • min read
Who? Duke Garwood.

What? Apocalyptic blues from a grizzled soul.

From where? South London.

What’s the story? Duke Garwood is no stranger to the recording studio, having crafted six albums since 2005.

Each one channels his blistering visions by the time-honoured medium of blues, as they recount the travelling tales of a well-versed vagabond.

Lucid stories bring to life wayward experiences in Thailand’s bar scene, Hackney’s squatlands and Morocco’s hash bars, as Duke gets to grips with the bread and butter of living off-grid.

Aside from his celebrated solo work and incessant globe-trotting, he’s also kept himself busy working with Josh Homme in his LA studio, played horns in Archie Bronson Outfit and working with Mark Lanegan.

Next month, Heavenly Recordings is set to release his latest LP, Garden of Ashes, which delves into the same primordial sonic stew as Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan and Bill Callahan.

Lucid slide guitar, delicate finger-picking and deep bass ebb and flow around his careful prophecies, which call on our inner good in the face of impending doom.

He says: ‘I make beautiful music, because we don't need angry music right now. Everyone can turn on the TV and see the horror show, they don't need to hear it coming out the stereo. I’m trying to distill this frustrating feeling we all have right now into something more focused.

‘In a world so full of pain and madness we need to be better than ever; to evolve not devolve. To become masters of our fate and stop listening to the snake talkers who would steal our last breath. It’s time to go Elvis and shoot the cursed TV.’

Comforting words and enveloping sounds for our disorientating times…

Sounds like? A new manifesto for life.

Must hear? Coldblooded -

Garden of Ashes is out on 3 February.


Live dates:
9 February - Bodega, Nottingham
10 February - King Tut's, Glasgow
11 February - Headrow House, Leeds
12 February - The Deaf Institute, Manchester
14 February - Komedia, Brighton
15 February - The Louisiana, Bristol
16 February - Oslo, London