Multi-national outfit Cairobi are doing their best to brighten up early 2015 with their tropical experimental pop music. Look out for forthcoming debut EP the Distant Fire…

Jim Ottewill
  • By Jim Ottewill
  • 9 Feb 2015
  • min read
Who? Cairobi - a multi-national outfit now residing in London. Destined to be forever confused with Caribou by music publication sub editors across the land.

What? Psychedelic, off kilter pop reminiscent of Panda Bear and the Flaming Lips at their most tropical.

From where? Austria, Italy, Mexico and France respectively. But the five piece started life in their current guise in the UK.

What’s the story? Originally hailing from various corners of the world, Cairobi first poured their cosmopolitan influences together in London. They became Cairobi late last summer after initially playing under the name VadoInMessico. As their previous outfit, they’d already dazzled crowds at the likes of Latitude and New York’s CMJ. However, the new moniker has signalled a move into more hazy, experimental sonic pastures.

In a rapidly short time, they’ve amassed an ever growing group of admirers in love with their oddball sounds. One of their first tunes Zoraide has been their calling card. It's melting pot of chants and percussion splayed over electronics and guitars is infectious, but undeniably weird. The track received plenty of UK airtime towards the end of 2014, featuring on a huge Christmas advert campaign for a UK bike retailer, before bagging a top 30 spot on the ITunes UK Alternative Chart.

Sounds like? Mind expanding, fuzzy, rhythmical, harmonies. Like a 21st century, more experimental Beach Boys.

Predicted to? Become the soundtrack to the more switched on music fan’s summer festival season.

Must hear? Debut EP the Distant Fire. It’s out 23 February.