Bad Parents (c) Kyra KrenitskyBad Parents (c) Kyra Krenitsky

Bad Parents

Set free from a difficult record label break-up, Misty Miller now makes shimmering indie rock with Tom Shelton under the Bad Parents moniker. Discover the duo's bright, melodic sonics...

  • By Lucy Doyle
  • 18 Dec 2017
  • min read
Who? Bad Parents are Misty Miller and Tom Shelton.

What? Bright, shimmering indie-rock.

From where? South London.

What’s the story? The eagle-eyed among you will probably recognise Misty from her previous musical incarnations. Emerging on the scene at the age of 16 as a ukelele-wielding folk darling, by 2016 she had reinvented herself as a grunge goddess, packing a punch with her album The Whole Family Is Worried.

A difficult break-up with her record label ensued, but thankfully the singer-songwriter was 'set free' and says she fell in love with music and performing all over again.

Joined by Tom, the duo immersed themselves in Hank Dog's south London music scene, vowing to create a band with an ethos for collaboration, jamming and improvisations a-plenty.

They released their self-titled EP in May this year and since then have played non-stop, bringing their melodic slacker-tinged indie to the likes of Green Man Festival and Bestival, as well as a tour with The Only Ones' legend, Peter Perrett.

Bright, uplifting and chock-full of melodies and harmonies, theirs is a sound that's crashing the new wave of guitar music and is sure to set it alight.

Sounds like? The Big Moon, Goat Girl and Dream Wife rolled up into a delicious ball of sonic goodness.

Predicted to? Book a shed-load of dates in 2018, release an album and get properly massive.

Must hear? Room To Grow -

Upcoming shows: 

Dec 31 - The Social

Photo credit: Kyra Krenitsky