Anneka’s vocal harmonies have graced heaps of great electronic records over recent years, but now she's venturing out into the limelight, armed with drumsticks, sample pads and her unique songwriting nous...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 12 Jan 2015
  • min read
Who? Musical all-rounder Anneka is a vocalist, songwriter, producer and visual artist.

What? As a soloist, Anneka excels at technicolour a capellas and eerie synth ballads.

From where? Brighton.

What’s the story? Anneka’s unmistakeable vocal harmonies have graced heaps of great records over recent years, from electronic aces including Forest Swords, Falty DL and Lone.

But she’s not content to remain a go-to vocalist for dance music misfits – as several recent solo outings prove.

Armed with drumsticks, sample pads, synths, tambourines and various acoustic beat-making paraphernalia, Anneka creates ethereal grooves on the fly, which she layers with intricate vocal harmonies and melodies.

As well as featuring on labels from Tri-Angle to R&S, Anneka is building her profile through a series of live gigs, which have proved her ability as an interesting electronic artist in her own right.

Fans of her synth detail and trademark a capellas include DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, who invited her in for a BBC Radio 1 live session at the start of the year. And, with a solo record in the pipeline, chances are we’ll be hearing a lot more from this inventive artist in the months to come.

Sounds like? About 20 percent Gazelle Twin, 30 percent Grouper and 120 percent Anneka.

Predicted to? Find kindred spirits in Gazelle Twin’s Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective, also based in Brighton.

Must hear? Sparse new track End of It, available as a free download now on Anneka’s website