30 Seconds: The Pheromoans

We had a chat with The Pheromoans front man, Russell Walker, and quizzed him about the work that went into new album, Does This Guy Stack Up.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 17 Aug 2012
  • min read
The Pheromoans dub themselves 'deadpan DIY' musicians, with a sound that situates them somewhere between experimental rock and post-punk.

They have several releases under their belts so far, including 2012's earlier release Bar Rock, an EP which sounds as though it could have been recorded in the 60s.

The band are now looking forward to the release of new album, Does This Guy Stack Up, due for release on 3 September on Upset The Rhythm. In the build up to its release, we quizzed The Pheromoans' front man Russell Walker about the work that went into the album and how the bands writing process works.

How long have you been making music?

For about six years since we first put The Pheromoans together in Brighton.

What inspired your new album?

The new album was inspired by general surroundings and events. I had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about a few things at the time so some songs reflect that lyrically, but musically i think there was a conscious effort to emulate some of the pop music we like rather than just the messy DIY music we like, so I'd like to think it shows some of our 'catchy' side. Hopefully the record will attract new listeners as we still get lumped in with some awful bands who do these weird hopping dances on stage.

What process do you go through to create your music?

Well there's very little preparation involved musically, though I bring the lyrics pre-written. We just decide to get together now and again and put some songs together. A lot gets wasted but not for any real reason, just because we realise we have too much. Sometimes we have better songs that don't come out because we don't think they fit the mood or the overall theme of the record.

How would you describe your sound?

I suppose among other bands it's maybe more shambolic as we don't practice or anything. I know a lot of bands, especially in London, that practice all week long, and have meetings with other bands about concepts like surfing or skateboarding, but we don't have time to do that. We tend to just put out a statement every now and again, and are not really interested in whether anyone likes it or not. Having said that, if I was trying to explain it to a martian or a gym instructor or someone, I would just say it was rock music.

What would your dream collaboration be?

I only really would want to collaborate with friends, as even if I admire someone there's no guarantee you'll get on. Luckily the people I have asked have agreed to collaborate, so I have a lot of collaborations recorded but some have been lost or taped over I think.

Where can we catch you performing next?

On friday we are going to Oxfordshire to play at Supernormal, then next week we are playing at a UTR label event at the Scala. Our album release party is in London on 31 August.

The Pheromoans UK tour dates:

11 August - Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire
14 August - at the Scala, London with John Maus & Peepholes - http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk/
31 August - Bethnal Green Working Mens Club (album release party) with Liberez & Ela Orleans