30 Seconds: Matt Muré

Matt Muré is a 23 year old English singer, guitarist and songwriter from London. He is currently recording his debut EP and gigging throughout London.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 7 Jun 2012
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Matt Muré is a 23 year old English singer, guitarist and songwriter from London. His music has been likened to somewhere between that of heartfelt singer songwriter and angst filled garage band with songs journeying from personal stories of young heartache to anthemic chants of social antipathy. Recent performances have featured an opening support slot for Carl Barat and Didz Hammond at The Bowery alongside a string of live dates at venues including The Camden Barfly, The Rhythm Factory and more recently Fulham Festival. Earlier this year he was ranked the highest scoring solo act in The Music League’s national competition where he took to the stage with a full backing band to a sold out crowd at The Hoxton Pony. He is currently recording his debut EP and gigging throughout London.

How long have you been making music?
I barely remember I time when I didn't. From a young age, music was a predominant feature in my life; there was always someone making noise, trying to entertain or enjoying it in some form. The biggest and earliest memories would be of my father playing Streets of London on a clapped out nylon stringed guitar he had since he was a boy from Woolworths. Another is of my Granddad in a packed pub in Ireland singing The Laughing Policeman acappella with his friend Porrick to the complete rapture of the entire room. The first music I ever owned was an Elvis Presley compilation tape album and a 60's hits USA CD. I remember these playing pretty much non-stop for a good while and getting introduced to all sorts of wailing, womping, rhythm and blues pop and rock. It was the beginning of an education. These events have somehow become so ingrained in my earliest views of what making and performing music should be.

What inspired your latest album?
The latest set of songs available for free to stream through www.facebook.com/mattmuremusicuk and on my website are explorations; reactions to events in my life that have held some significance. They're generally fuelled my some emotion, critique or observation of my life and the lives of people around me. Give Me The Fear was inspired by a moment of realisation that what I'd been chasing was slipping away. Just before it's too late you get that kick, that 'fear' that makes you realise what you're doing and do something about it before it's to late.

What process do you go through to create your music?
It's ever changing and developing. More often than not the songs come as melodies and one liners, or even sometimes parts fully formed somewhere in my head. Sometimes it's a case of just writing it down as if remembering a song that I've played before, other times it takes a bit more working out to get it to somewhere that I can walk away from knowing there's nothing else the song needs.

How would you describe your sound?
Essentially I view myself as a singer, songwriter and musician. At times rocky, hook laden guitar riffs prevail and at others softer acoustic strings and pianos take the lead. My emphasis has always been on the song and increasingly on the production rather than the specifics of style or genre.

What would your dream collaboration be?
There is no greater a musical genius or innovator of modern rock/blues/pop in my opinion than Jack White. He possesses this incredible ability to work with a diverse array of singers and musicians from Alicia Keys to Allison Mosshart and Brendan Benson and successfully come up with something unique and fascinating time and time again. He would have to be pretty high on my list.

Where can we catch you performing next?
I'll be headlining at The Broadway in Fulham on 7 June as part of Nova Music Presents. On 13 June  you can see me at Floripa in Old Street as part of Band Republic's showcase and then on 17July I'll be performing some new songs at London's Troubadour Club in Earls Court.

For more information on upcoming gigs, releases and more please go to:

www.facebook.com/mattmuremusicuk          www.mattmuremusic.com