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Great British Bake-Off’s Mary Berry and archetypal posh kid ‘Tarquin’ are among the muses currently inspiring visceral punk rockers IDLES. Don't miss their disaffected protest, fresh for 2016...

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 12 Oct 2016
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The Great British Bake-Off’s Mary Berry and archetypal posh kid ‘Tarquin’ are among the muses currently inspiring visceral punk rockers IDLES.

Taking a sideways shot at modern life, the Bristolian agitators have created Well Done, a perfect slice of disaffected protest for 2016.

The quintet have their roots in a dank, dark angst they’ve been brewing for the last five years, systematically unleashing a tirade of anti-establishment tracks that buzz with anarchist exhilaration.

After taking a year and a half hiatus from the live circuit since the success of their debut EP release Welcome, they have since perfected their writing process to ‘bleed out a shit tonne of songs that we're truly proud of’.

Following the release of Well Done last week, plus a string of tour dates taking them through October and November (dates below), the crunchy, punky five-piece are back firing on all cylinders.

We spend 30 seconds with them to learn more…

We first started making music because…
Dev and myself were bored of playing other people's music at our club night so we decided to give it a bash. We were dog awful so got some other people in to help us out. I think we've kept on going because we have been ignorant enough to not be put off by how awful we were but also attuned enough to know we needed to improve.

We have been making music since…
2010. They were a very rocky first four years but we've found what we're good at now and have found a happiness we thought we'd never find in our sound.

Our music is…
A violence that can be enjoyed when you embrace it, a freight train that only gets faster when you try to get off. Or punk/post-punk.

You'll like our music if you listen to…
Punk, post-punk, noise, dancehall and maybe even Whitesnake.

Our favourite venue is…
The Louisiana in Bristol. It is run by a small family of staff that make you feel like one of their own. The sound is perfect and consistently tweaked by their resident Texan engineer, Francis. They have done a huge amount for small bands like us over the years and shouldn't go unnoticed.

Music is important because…
It has an untold metaphysical force that's as close to magic and fucking as we will ever get as a species.

Our biggest inspiration is…
For the whole part, grieving and belligerence. We've had to inspire each other to keep going as we fucking hated each other sometimes and this industry will rarely give you a helping hand but we've been lucky enough to meet a team along the way that are fully behind us and it's a beautiful thing.

Our dream collaboration would be…
Split; the band would probably choose Nick Cave and I'd choose Kanye West.

To try us out, listen to our song…
Well Done, it's our lead single from our album Brutalism and a nice one to ease you in. I think it captures the tone of the album pretty well and a nice bridge between that and our EP MEAT.

If we weren’t making music we’d be…
Bored as fuck. We all have jobs that we enjoy so we'd be working but not in any universe would we be as happy.

In 10 years’ time we want to be…
In a country that hasn't been dismantled by the ever more successful and hateful right wing government we have at the minute. Also touring the world with our children playing album number four or five.

Live dates
13 - O2 Academy, Oxford (Dead Kennedys support)
14 - Islington Academy, London (Dead Kennedys support)
15 - Islington Academy, London (Dead Kennedys support)
21 - Wardrobe, Leeds
22 - Simple Things Festival, Bristol
29 - Four Bars, Cardiff (PILE support)

6 - Live Rooms, Chester
7 - Academy 3, Birmingham
9 - Oakford Social Club, Reading
10 - Portland Arms, Cambridge
11 - The Hairy Dog, Derby
13 - Rocking Chair, Sheffield
14 - Unity Works, Wakefield