30 Seconds: Hip Parade

Glasgow band Hip Parade are Kris McDines, Sal Shah, Rob Shah and Dave Flavell. They will premiere their debut album I'll Be Your Audience in its entirety live at King Tuts in Glasgow, 28 April.

Anita Awbi
  • By Anita Awbi
  • 20 Apr 2012
  • min read
The band's debut album I'll Be Your Audience was produced by Jim Lowe (The Charlatans, The Noisettes), Adam Zindani (Stereophonics) and John Davis (Florence and the Machine, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs) .

How long have you been making music?
Kris McDines: We've all been friends for a long time but we put the band together about three or four years ago. we were always talking about being in bands and it just made sense that we should give it a try!

What inspired your latest album?
Kris McDines: We just sort of took a look at the things that had been going on in our lives over the last few years and blended it up. it was mostly made up of alcohol.
Rob Shah: There's a lot of reference to life in Glasgow throughout the album. We didn't glam it up or anything we just tell it as it is. Its probably most apparent on Getting Chased or Dynamite.

What process do you go through to create your music?
Rob Shah: Well we all write songs so we're all quite hard critics with each others songs. Generally someone will come with a song and after a few punch ups and fall outs the song eventually becomes something we all agree on. Easy as that!

How would you describe your sound?
Kris McDines: We try to blend frantic drums, melodic guitar and shouty/hooky vocals and melodies. We're often compared with artists like Two Door Cinema Club and Kasabian but we try to keep it our own sound. We certainly never set out to sound like someone else anyway.

What would your dream collaboration be?
Kris McDines: There's a lot of great artists around at the moment we would love to team up with and many great collaborations are often with two very different artists so maybe someone like Rizzle Kicks or Adele could produce something exciting... or awful!!!
Rob Shah: I'd like to colaborate with Calvin Harris. He makes some nasty sounds!

When can we catch you live next?
Kris McDines: We headline King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in our hometown Glasgow on 28 April and is the first time we will be playing the album in full to our fans. We'll hopefully be hitting some of the festivals again this summer.

Debut album I'll Be Your Audience is out now. Watch the new single Talk To Me below. hipparade.co.uk