Ravenwood Music Ltd


Specialising in electronica and synthesizer-based music, Ravenwood Music is the only production music catalogue dedicated to electronic music in all its varied forms including Ambient, Minimalism, Synthwave, Music Concrete, Classitronica, Dance Electro and Sound Design.

Also Representing:

  • Blinq
    Cutting Edge – Indie – Pop-Rock – Arthouse – Ambient - TV and advertising go to catalogue.
  • Brand X
    Premier trailer and production music catalogues from LA
  • If It Ain't Dutch
    A collection of carefully curated EDM tracks - Recorded in Holland by Dutch producers
  • Source In Sync
    Long established TV production music with an extensive repertoire ranging from large orchestral, retro swing to intimate jazz combo and vocal tracks
  • Teragram
    Artist-Led label from the Heart of Hollywood
  • X-It Music
    High-end, cutting-edge music and sound design for Film, Television, Advertising and Video Games
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