Ravenwood Music Ltd


Ravenwood Music: Possibly the only production music catalogue to specialise in electronica/synth-based music, Ravenwood’s own label is aimed very much at documentary/factual entertainment productions,science, technology, etc

And Representing the best of 'boutique' production music labels from around the world:

Brand X

Consistently providing high-end trailer and production music making Brand X the premiere choice for film trailer music.


Offers a broad range of quality cues for film, TV and promo usage from the Hollywood Hills.

Figure And Groove

Comprehensice catalogue of production music from New York scoring house - the NYC music supervisor's go to library.

Frameworks Music

With emphasis on acoustic, organic sounds and performance, Frameworks offers music solutions for lifestyle in-programme use and an imaginative source of music for advertising.

L A Post

This all-American library has featured extensively in US TV series including Sopranos, Sex And The City, Friends, etc. A solid catalogue and a strong US flavour.


Bringing youth and freshness and innovation to the world of motion picture advertising and TV promo, PostHaste offers music with the highest production values.


Innovative and cutting edge trailer music and sound design elements together with an excellent production music repertoire.

Sonic Ozault

Offering a wide spectrum of music of a quality to rival commercial productions, it is finding its way into a broad range of TV programming from kids to hard-hitting documentaries.

Source In Sync

Long established TV production music catalogue from LA with an extensive repertoire ranging from large orchestral to intimate jazz combo, and vocal tracks from retro swing albums to heavy rock.

Strange Fruit

Our fastest growing catalogue with its finger on the pulse and comprehensive repertoire from cutting-sdge dance to powerful documentary and drama.