You need our Online Live Concerts Licence for revenues £1,500 or less

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If the revenues from your online live concert are £1,500 or less you have two options:

Option 1 – You can obtain a licence per event from our online licensing portal by providing some basic information about your event.  The licence fee for this simplified process is:


Licence cost + VAT
Up to £500


 £501 - £1,000


£1,001 - £1,500


Option 2 – You can apply for a bespoke licence for your event. In this instance you will need to contact us  and provide the information necessary to calculate the individual rate for your event. 

  • 10% of total revenues (the interim discounted rate) +VAT, or 
  • 3p per 5 mins of a song (or part thereof), per ticket +VAT

Whatever way you decide to obtain your licence you must always submit a setlist for your event, like you we want to ensure the right songwriters and composers get paid.  Setlists should be submitted via our website.  

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