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The Universities and Higher Education consultation is now closed and the summary of responses is available below. (Updated 22 June 2016)

Tariff Simplification: Creating simple and efficient licensing

PRS for Music is running a consultation on the terms of tariff UC which is used to license the use of copyright music, controlled by PRS for Music, at the premises of universities, colleges, and similar institutions of higher education, and their student unions.

The consultation will apply to all music usage licensed under tariff UC at university and student union premises, including at formal dances, annual Balls and the like, organised by or specifically for the entertainment of students attending those establishments.

The aim is to create a revised tariff that is easy to understand, simple and efficient for customers to use, whilst fairly reflecting the value of music.

Summary of Consultation Responses

The consultation received 11 responses, representing 13 PRS customers. PRS for Music have reviewed and summarised the responses which can be viewed in the document below. 

Document downloads

For more information please download the consultation document and associated documents available below.

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