Nurseries, playgroups and crèches

Music in nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools and crèches

Music within nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools and crèches allows children to express themselves whilst having fun and learning. Musical activities require children to be active and involved which helps promote confidence and can extend language development.

Who is PRS for Music?

PRS for Music is the trading name for the Performing Right Society Limited. We are a membership organisation set up to help businesses and other organisations get the permission they need to play copyright music.

Nearly 90% of the money we collect through music licences is paid directly to the people who create the music you play (e.g. songwriters, composers and music publishers), many of whom rely on these royalties for their livelihood. The balance is used to cover our running costs.

Why does a nursery, playgroup, pre-school or crèche need a music licence?

Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, anyone playing music in public, which includes workplaces, needs permission from the copyright holder to do so. Music licences are issued to give you the permission you need.

What type of licence does a nursery, playgroup, pre-school or crèche require?

If you are planning to use music or already do within your premises, you will need to obtain a licence*.

We have a licence specially designed for nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools and crèches. It allows you to use music within your early years establishment for the purpose of engaging with and entertaining the children; whether it be live instruments, recorded songs or music in television shows and movies.

How do I get a licence?

PRS for Music and PPL have teamed up to simplify music licensing for nurseries, playgroups, pre-schools and crèches, by offering a joint licence available online through PPL, from 1 September 2016. 

Find out more about the joint licence for nurseries, including how you will be affected if you currently have either a PRS for Music or PPL licence, if you have both licences, or if you have neither.

How much does it cost?

The PRS for Music and PPL licences will each cost £41.75 (plus VAT) per year. Therefore the fee for the joint licence will be £81.50 (plus VAT) per year.

*PRS for Music licences cover the vast majority of music originating from the UK and all over the world. However, if you play music that is outside of PRS for Music’s control, you may need an additional licence from the relevant copyright owner(s). You will require a TV licence as well if you are using a TV in your premises. You do not need a licence from PRS for Music in the unlikely event that all the music you play is out of copyright or is not controlled by PRS for Music.