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We're here to answer questions and help you obtain the legal permission you need to play copyright music on board your aircraft.

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Airlines require a licence for in-flight entertainment purposes that use music. This may include in-flight movies, personal TVs, games, and other personal devices provided by the airline (such as iPads).

What is a public performance?

Music is deemed to be performed in public when it is played outside what is regarded as the domestic circle or home life.

International copyright laws state you need to receive permission from the copyright holder to ‘perform’ music in public. ‘Performing’ music includes playing CDs, MP3s or radio, films with audio content, internet or live music to staff and customers. Music licences are a simple way to get the permission you need from the copyright owners of the music you use.

For information about playing music on board, covering the common questions we get asked, see our ‘Become licensed to listen on your aircraft’  leaflet, or simply call +44 (0)20 3741 4230.

Download the 'Become licensed to listen on your aircraft 'leaflet here

Content service providers

Permission is also needed when music is ‘copied’ or ‘reproduced’ for physical products. Content service providers of in-flight entertainment need to acquire this licence from our sister collecting society MCPS;

Please note, content service providers may like to inform their airline clients that they are not covered for music use by the content service provider’s licence, and instead must gain a performance licence to play music on board.

Airline trade bodies

If you would like information about PRS for Music to provide to your members or interested parties through your website, newsletters, or other communications, we have some standard editorial and web banner templates available. Please email to request these materials.

What to do next

Different businesses use music in different ways so costs vary.

Call our International Team on +44 (0)20 3741 4230 or email to find out how your tariff will be calculated.

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