I do not require a licence

If you never play music to customers or staff, or if you do not have a business and the letter you received from us refers to a solely residential property, then you do not need a licence from PRS for Music

If you do not believe you need a licence, please use the details from the letter you received from us to fill in the form below. This will help us update our records and ensure we do not unnecessarily contact you in the future.

Use this property to display a short description or any instructions, notes, or guidelines that the visitor should read when filling out the form. This will appear directly below the form name.

You also do not require a licence in the unlikely event that all the music you play is out of copyright or is not controlled by PRS for Music.

Please call 0800 068 4828 to check whether this is the case. This is also the number to call if you have any questions, or think you may need a licence after all. In the interests of being fair to our members and licensees, we try to ensure that everyone who needs a music licence has one.

Our agents across the country may visit your premises to check that no licence is required. If we discover that a licence is needed, we can take action for copyright infringement. Businesses could then be liable for costs and damages.