Here at PRS for Music we provide music licences for exhibitions and trade fairs, granting you legal permission to play music to staff and the public.

Music at trade fairs and exhibitions can be an essential part of the visitor experience, and has a positive impact on staff morale and productivity.

Seventy-nine percent of exhibition and trade fair organisers we asked agree music adds to the presentational power of their event. A further 73 percent say music is an important factor in creating the ideal atmosphere.

We can help you become licensed to play music at your exhibition or trade fair, and reap the benefits music can bring.

How do I get a licence?

We provide bespoke licences tailored to your needs. Please call 0800 068 4828 to speak to our team so that we can ensure we're providing the best value for you. Lines are open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, fill in your details below and we'll contact you.

Do you need a licence?

If you, or anyone else, plays music for customers, visitors or staff, you need legal permission from the relevant copyright owners.

To get permission, simply take out a PRS for Music licence and, in most cases, one from PPL too.

How is your licence fee calculated?

We have licensing tariffs which cover most types of exhibitions and trade fairs.

Licence tariffs depend on:

  • how you use music (eg. background music, live performers)
  • whether you play music on a stand or elsewhere at the exhibition
  • the facilities you provide (eg. a pub, bar or restaurant)

What's excluded?

Our exhibition tariff excludes other performances of music that take place at exhibition venues, for example in cafés, restaurants and bars or at discos and karaoke, which are chargeable under different tariffs.

The tariff also excludes cultural exhibitions at museums and art galleries, which are chargeable under different tariffs.

Please find your specific sector here.