Charity and community

Here at PRS for Music we provide music licences for charities and community groups, granting you legal permission to play music on your premises to staff and the public.

Music for community groups and charities can be an important part of your staff, visitor and customer experience, and have a positive impact on morale and productivity.

Eighty-five percent of people we asked believe the working environment is much more relaxed when music is played, while 91 percent of managers and business owners tell us playing music makes customers and staff happier.

How do I get a licence?

We provide bespoke licences tailored to your needs. Please call 0800 068 4828 to speak to our team so that we can ensure we're providing the best value for you. Lines are open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, fill in your details below and we'll contact you.

Do you need a licence?

If you, or anyone else, plays music for customers, visitors or staff, you need legal permission from the relevant copyright owners.

To get permission, simply take out a PRS for Music licence and, in most cases, one from PPL too.

We are the UK's leading collecting society and part of a global network of societies. In most cases a licence from us gives those who want to use music the right to legally use millions of copyrighted songs and music compositions registered around the world.

Please note, you don't need a licence from us if you play music which is out of copyright or purchased from a royalty-free music library. Please contact us if you're unsure.

We collect and distribute licence fees for the use of music on behalf of our songwriter, composer and music publisher members.

Another UK society, PPL, collects and distributes licence fees for the use of recorded music on behalf of its performer and record company members.

In most cases, you will require a music licence from both of us when you play recorded music in public. Find out more about us here.

If you own or manage your own premises, you should contact us to arrange a licence if you, or anyone else, is using music at your premises.

If you are using someone else’s premises, for example, if you hire a hall or use a local authority premises, then the proprietor should arrange a licence to cover your music use. You should check with them about this.

If you are running an event which is not in fixed premises, for example, in a park or in the street, you will probably be responsible for arranging your own licence. Please contact us to find out.

Are you a voluntary organisation running a community building?

We offer joint licences with another UK collecting society, PPL, which collects and distributes licence fees on behalf of performers and record companies.

Find out more about joint licensing

We have tariffs which cover most charities and community groups.

Please note, we have a separate tariff for primary and secondary schools  which includes music used by not-for-profit community groups with up to 40 audience members, at no extra charge to the school or community group.

However, if you are a third party holding an event with more than 40 audience members in a school please contact us directly.

We also offer discounts for small charity and community events, and have separate guidelines for carnivals and parades.

Large ticketed events and any church or religious building that hosts more than six concerts or recitals per year should contact us directly.

Christian churches, church halls and Christian bookshops are (with certain exceptions) licensed on our behalf through Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). Please contact the CCLI to find out more.

For businesses and office premises run by charities, our standard tariff charges apply. Please find your specific sector here

Are there any exemptions?

There are limited circumstances where, at our discretion, we choose not to charge for our licence. Please see our policy regarding the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. Read our charging policies.