Why have my overseas claims been rejected?

Overseas claims 

Your overseas claim may have been rejected for any of the following reasons:

Sample distribution

For many channels, it's not cost-effective to list everything they've played, so they provide a representative sample to the society which licenses them. Unfortunately, your work may not have been included in that sample.

Replaced music

Sometimes when a programme is sold internationally, the original music may not be included in the deal. However, if you have more evidence of music use, such as fingerprinting reports or original licence deal terms, get in touch and we may be able to investigate further. You will need to log in before raising a query.

Works not found

Our local society partner may not have found your music. Often, broadcasters change their schedule at the last minute, but they may have also just reported incorrect data. We may be able to challenge this if you have the data source the claim was based on. Log in and raise a query to get in touch.

Unregistered or disputed works

Make sure your work is registered with 100 percent shares for both PRS and MCPS and all interested parties identified with an IPI reference. If the work is in dispute, we'll be in touch to confirm ownership and explain the next steps. 

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