Why do I have to wait 10-12 months to claim for music usage overseas?

We ask you to wait 10 to 12 months to claim after your music was performed overseas for a couple of reasons.

  • Payment for your music usage can take significantly longer for overseas performances. It may be that your royalties have been collected and are due to be paid in the next distribution. We recommend you check the overseas payment schedule.
  • Our partner societies overseas only accept claims once the money has become overdue. So you should only claim if the money is late. 

If you think you're owed royalties from an overseas performance, and it's past the date listed on the payment schedule, make a claim

Not all performances of a work can be logged and paid by another society. There are many reasons why performances of works abroad may not have been paid, some of which are summarised below.

  • The sale of a television series abroad does not guarantee that a broadcast will take place, or that the broadcasting channel is included in a society’s distribution. We are usually notified if a programme has been broadcast for which an affiliated society has no information.
  • Smaller radio and TV stations are less economically important to a society and so are usually sampled, using examples of their daily use their music rather than every day's playlist. This reduces the probability of your music being included in the distribution sample.
  • Most societies distribute royalties for music performed in advertising but there are exceptions. It's important for members to obtain as much information as possible at the start of the campaign from the advertising agency. Sometimes, the name of the product can change from country to country and the soundtrack re-dubbed.
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