What rights are covered by the Facebook licence?

What is ICE?

ICE was established by us, GEMA and STIM to encourage collaboration between Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), music publishers and digital service providers to ensure composers and songwriters are compensated accurately and fairly for the use of their works. One of the key functions of ICE is to drive forward multi-territory licensing of digital service providers (such as Facebook) for us, STIM and GEMA to get the best deal for our members whose rights we administer.

What is an ICE core licence?

An ICE core licence agreement is a licensing solution for digital service providers which require multi-territory licences. The ICE licence currently includes the repertoires of PRS, GEMA and STIM as well as certain other ICE customers  . ICE intends to continue attracting new customers so as to increase the ICE core licence repertoire to include the repertoire of other societies and publishers in the future. 

Which services does this new ICE Facebook licence cover?

ICE’s new licence covers Facebook’s platform (including live streaming), Instagram (including live streaming), Oculus (including live streaming to other Oculus devices) and Facebook Messenger services.

What period does the ICE licence with Facebook cover? 

The new licence covers the period from 1 January 2018 until 31 March 2020. This means when your music (for which PRS administers the rights for) is used on Facebook’s platform, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger during this time, you will be due to receive royalties.

What territories does the licence cover?

The new licence will cover the following territories and regions: the European Economic Area and Switzerland, the Middle East and North Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, British Overseas Territories, French Overseas Territories, Dutch Overseas Territories, and certain EU and non-EU outermost regions. The licence will also cover all PRS Home Territories outside of the territories already referenced above as described further on the PRS website. 

How do I know if my rights are covered under the ICE Facebook licence?

If you are a PRS writer and want to find out if your rights are covered by the licence, you can check the online royalty flow.   

When will I receive royalties from this licence?

ICE is working with Facebook to help develop its reporting systems so we can receive the usage data we need to accurately pay you if your music is used on Facebook (and PRS administers your rights). We will update you when we have more information as to when we will be able to make the first distribution of these royalties. 

Why isn’t WhatsApp included in the licence?

Unfortunately it is not possible to include WhatsApp in this licence because, under WhatsApp’s data protection and privacy policy, user data is strictly private and therefore they would not be able to provide us with the necessary reporting data for us to pay out any royalties for music used on the app. It is the same data protection policy that, for example, governs private emails. 

What are the commercial terms of the licence?

The commercial relationships ICE has with all music service providers licensed on a multi-territorial basis are specific to the repertoire they cover. Therefore, there is a non-disclosure agreement in place as the details need to remain commercially confidential, as separate negotiations and separate deals will apply for other repertoires. However, we can confirm that ICE is working to achieve the most competitive deals on our behalf. 

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