What are pseudonyms?

Pseudonyms are other names that writer/composer members may be known as. All members join PRS for Music under their real name, but can request multiple pseudonyms and register their works against these names. Each pseudonym is given an individual membership number which is linked behind the scenes to the member's main membership number.

How do I register a pseudonym?

You can request a new pseudonym easily online here.

Your pseudonym can only apply to you as an individual, not a group or collective. And it must be one of the following variations:

  • Stage name
  • Writing name
  • Commonly used diminutive or forename
  • Order of forename changed
  • Selective use of forename
  • Substitution of forename by initials
  • Slight alteration of spelling of forename
  • Selective use of the parts of a double-barrelled surname
  • Any combination of the above

Watch one of our webinars on how to register a pseudonym.

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