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As a member of PRS, we ensure that you are rightfully rewarded for your work, so that you can carry on creating great music. There are several key tools and resources that you’ll need regularly as a member, to get the best out of your membership and make sure you’re paid any royalties you’re due.

How to manage your PRS account
Watch our video on How To Manage Your PRS Account

You can view one of our recorded webinars or tutorial videos, where we guide you on how to manage your PRS online account.

Manage your music

Register your works

You’ll only be able to receive royalties when your music is played or performed if the copyright details have been registered on our database.

Always register your works as soon as possible. If you are a published writer, your publisher will normally do this on your behalf, but you should check with them to make sure.

Each work you register will be given its own unique tune code, which will help us to track its use.

My works

Find and download a complete list of the works registered to you by visiting ‘My Works’.

‘Search works’ allows you to search for your own works or those by any of our members. 

Amend works

You can amend your works at any time. You just need the tune code or ISWC (‘International Standard Work Code’) of a relevant work before you amend it.

Check your details

You can update your login email, home address and bank details at any time.

It’s important you keep these details up to date so that we can pay you, if you’re due royalties, and contact you with key updates affecting your membership.

Report that your work has been used

Live performances

If you’re performing your own music, you can use our live performance reporting service to tell us about it. Whether it’s a local gig, residency, UK tour, or live show overseas, this service allows us to collect royalties for live performances.

Other uses

You don’t need to report any other uses of your works, as we’ll know about these through the reports we receive as part of our licensing agreements.

Manage your money

Check when you’ll be paid

We pay out royalties through four main distributions each year, while MCPS pays out royalties monthly.

Claim unpaid royalties

Sometimes music is used and we're unable to identify who to pay from the reporting we receive.

You can check the latest lists of unclaimed works to see if any of these are yours.

View your statements


If you’ve been paid in a distribution, you’ll be able to view your royalty statement in your online account under ‘My Statements’.

Our analytics tool helps you to identify trends and you can download each statement as PDF or CSV.

If you are a member of MCPS, you will receive your MCPS B distribution royalty statements via post or email.

Get help

Visit our help centre for answers to common questions or view our tutorial videos.

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