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If you’ve just joined … hello, and thanks for choosing us to represent your music rights. There are many ways we can help you make the most of your music. First off though, there’s a few crucial things to think about.

Checking your details

Once you’re logged in you can update your log-in email, home address and bank details. It’s important that you check these as soon as possible, to make sure things go smoothly for your first royalty distribution. We also send regular membership updates so it's important we have the correct email for contacting you.

Registering your works 

You’ll receive royalties when your work is played or performed, once it is registered on our database. Each work you register will be given its own unique tune code, which will help us to track its use. If your work isn’t registered, we can’t claim royalties for any streaming or downloads. Even though we can back-claim some royalties, it’s essential you register your work as soon as possible, and with as much detail as possible. 

Using the works database

You can amend your works at any time, although it can take two working days for the system to show your updates. You can search also for others’ work that you want to use or claim a co-creator share for.

Reporting live performances

If you’re performing your work, you can use our new live performance reporting service to tell us about it. Whether it’s a local gig, residency, UK tour, or live show overseas, this service enables us to collect royalties for live performances. Don’t worry about reporting other uses of your work, such as radio broadcasts, as we’ll know about these through the reports we receive as part of our licensing agreements.

Claiming unpaid royalties

Sometimes music is used and we're unable to identify who to pay. You can check the latest lists of unclaimed works to see if any of these are yours. 

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