How long do I have to report a performance?

The deadline differs depending on where you performed.

UK performances

For performances in small UK venues, and busking slots on the London Underground, you must submit your claim within 12 months.

For performances in larger concert venues, you have up to three years to submit a claim online. If you want to claim for shows prior to that, please contact us directly.

Overseas performances

For international performances everywhere excluding the US and PRS-controlled territories, you must submit your claim within two years.

PRS agency territories

You need to submit your claim within 12 months for performances in small venues within the PRS-controlled territories of Bermuda, Bahamas, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta. For performances within larger concert venues within these territories, please make your claim within three years.


You need to select a US collecting society to represent your rights if you want to receive royalties for your performances in America. We work with three societies to collect our members' performance royalties in the US. These are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Find out more about these societies, and their deadlines for live performance submissions.

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