How do you calculate royalties from radio?

We're always trying to make royalty calculation as accurate as possible. Here's how we calculate them at the moment for radio:

Radio play

We have licensing agreements with radio stations, but it largely depends on how long your music was played for and which station.

Many stations report every piece of music they play so we can collect royalties per minute of broadcast. However, sometimes it isn’t cost-effective to report and collect for every play.

For some stations, we track the music that’s played on sample days. We estimate playing time by multiplying the information we receive from these days.

If you're logged in, take a look at the royalty rates and sample day data

If sample days aren’t possible, we use a method called research and analogy. We look at what’s played for a short period of time to find a fit with a radio station we have tracked. We can then apply the analogous station’s play data to calculate royalties.

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Radio advertising

We follow the same process as radio play. Royalties are collected through licensing agreements that we have with each broadcaster and production company.

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