How do you calculate royalties from online?

We're always trying to make royalty calculation as accurate as possible. Here's how we calculate them at the moment for online:

Streaming services 

Your royalty amount will depend on where your work is streamed and how many times it is streamed. Royalties are collected through confidential licensing agreements with digital service providers such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Tidal.

We have worked with digital service providers over the past few years to improve royalty deals for our members. Although the royalty rate for each stream is small, music makers are beginning to see a better return on their music use through streaming services.

Exact royalty rates are confidential as part of the agreements with these providers.


Any YouTube video that uses your work needs to be flagged as ‘monetised’ in the YouTube system for rightsholders to be able to collect royalties.

Publishing royalties are collected from YouTube under a number of different pan-European licensing agreements between YouTube and each of the pan-European licensing entities including:

  • ICE - for writers published by IMPEL members
  • SOLAR - for writers published by Sony/ATV - EMI
  • PEDL - for writers published by Warner/Chappell

The royalties you will receive depend on the rates agreed in each individual deal.

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