How do I register a work?

If you're a writer or publisher

Use our Register/Amend works tool. This can be found on your homepage after you've logged in. Or on the Works landing page, which you can get to via Works in the top-bar navigation.

If you are a published writer, please check with your publisher before registering any works. They may have already done it for you. 

What you'll need:

  • A work title
  • Any alternative titles, if applicable
  • The work duration

Published writers

Your publisher will usually register and manage your works. You will still have access to these works so you can check the royalty shares for all interested parties, and update the work details if you need to.


Agreement numbers

If you’re registering work in your catalogue, you’ll need to include an agreement number for each registration. You can find this number by searching the system with your writer’s name or your own. If you don’t have an agreement number, you can register a publisher agreement now. 

Multiple registration software

If you’d like to use Common Works Registration software for creating multiple registrations, please get in touch with our Publisher Support Team

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Unpublished writers

If your work has not been published, you can still earn royalties by registering your works.

Co-writers: if your work has been registered by someone else, to make sure you need to 'authorise' your own shares.

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We'll also need:

  • The instrumentation
  • A short description of the work, for example a song, arrangement, instrumental, concerto

We'll also need:

  • The name
  • The advertising agency, if known
  • The script title, if known
  • The campaign description, if known
  • The clock no / consignment note reference, if known

We'll also need:

  • The sample source
  • A short description of the work
  • The instrumentation, for example a song, arrangement, instrumental, concerto

Cancelling your registration

You can cancel the registration at any point before you’ve submitted. However, once you’ve sent your submission, you’ll need to create another registration. Once your new registration has a tune code, you can ask us to merge this with the first registration. 

Confirming your registration

We aim to set up all registrations in our works database within two working days. Sometimes we might need to contact you for further details, so full registration can take a little longer. 

Registering your share

You'll then need to add any co-writers, select your role and register your PRS and MCPS share, if applicable.

Please make sure your performance share is at least 50 percent unless you have co-writers. You only need to enter a mechanical share if you're a member of MCPS. 

Telling us about known usage

If you know the work has been used we'll ask for some details to help us get you the royalties you've already earned. 

At this point you’ll also be given the option of choosing an American PRO (Performing Right Organisation).

In order for you to get paid if your work is used in the U.S., you will need to have chosen an American PRO (Performing Right Organisation) to collect any royalties for you. They will then pass the collections back to PRS to pay onto you. 

All three PROs have agreements with PRS, make regular payments, and fulfil the requirements PRS sets for its overseas partners.

  • Each PRO has its own unique rules and regulations that apply to all the works in its repertoire. Once you select a PRO, your works will be subject to those rules, so it’s your responsibility to make sure they are suitable for you. All this information can be found on each of their websites:, and
  • If, in future, you wish to change the PRO that collects royalties for you in the U.S., rules that might affect you include limitations such as:
    • Fixed periods of time before the change is possible
    • You might not be able to change your chosen PRO until licences issued by your existing PRO have expired (each PRO issues licences to music users for its repertoire, including yours, e.g. broadcasters and online services. These licences are for fixed periods)

  • If you don’t choose one of these societies to represent you in the U.S., you may not receive royalties should your works be played or performed there

  • If you don’t choose a PRO at this time, you can do so at a later date, ask your publisher to do so on your behalf if you have one; or if you’re a publisher yourself, you can do so via a local publisher in the U.S.

We'd like to know:

  • The record company/label name
  • The product title
  • The catalogue number
  • The artist name(s)
  • Release date

We'd like to know:

  • For broadcasts: the TV/radio programme, station, broadcast date and broadcast time
  • For live performances: the venue name, address and date
  • For overseas performances: the above but with the relevant territory

If you work for a society

To register your members' works you'll need to raise a query and supply us with the necessary information. Please send us either:

  • fiches
  • work titles and ISWC codes

We'll then register the works on our database. 

To do this you'll need to log in before getting in touch.

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