How do I find a list of my works?

There are a few ways to find your registered works:

Searching works

Log in to your account and select the Search works button. Here, you can select ‘Membership no.(CAE/IPI)’ from the dropdown menu and enter your membership (CAE/IPI) number. If you don’t know your membership number, it can be found within the My works section. Once you have entered your membership number and selected search, the database will find your repertoire and return search results which have your membership number listed on the work.

You can also search by writer last name or publisher name if you'd prefer, however you will need to recognise your membership number in the search results to find your works.

For easy database access, you'll find a button on your homepage. Or on the Works page, which you can get to via Works in the top-bar navigation.

The My Works button

If you're a writer, you can go straight to a list of your works using the My Works button. You'll find this under your latest distribution amount on the homepage once you've logged in. This will only show the works you have registered personally. It won't show anything registered on your behalf by someone with a different membership number. 

switching account

Switching your account...