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We want to solve any problems with straightforward explanations and easy ways for you to get them sorted. 

Quick questions

We've answered a variety of questions over the years, which we've used to update our pages with useful details. Some questions, however, are very specific. We've kept these for here, in Help, where they can be answered a little more quickly, and easily too.

If you’re releasing your own work through a record label that you own, you don’t need a licence to cover its production. However, you do need to apply for an AP2 exclusion through the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society so your record company isn’t charged for a full licence. 

We receive information about the use of our members’ work from licence holders and various types of tracking. However, we sometimes ask for additional information from you if we don't have all the information we need to accurately distribute royalties.

If your work is being performed you can provide set lists through our new live performance service.

You can also tell us about any work that’s being used outside of the UK.  This includes when it’s broadcast on TV or radio, or used online.

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