Online Statements

You can now access your statements online, in addition to your paper or PDF versions. Your PRS and MCPS main statements will continue to be released in the same months as now, so your royalty information will refresh online at this time.

Look back across your data

Being online makes it much easier for you to view your royalty data, wherever you are, and however you want. Just click the summary panel for each distribution to view or download your statement. You can also view previous statements, so it’s also easier for you to look back (to 2015) in a single online session.

Choose how you view

Once you’ve opened the statement by clicking VIEW, you’ll be able to see more detail, whether you want to review your royalty earning by work, usage or territory. Use the search or sort feature in the right-hand corner of your statement panel to refine your view.

  • In Works, click the red arrow beside each work to see how much money it generated for each usage. Then click each usage to see even more detail.
  • In Usage, see how much money each usage generated for all your work, then click each one for more details.
  • In Territory, you can zoom to each country where your work generated royalties by clicking the darker areas of the map. Once you can see your territory song list, you can click through for more usage detail.

You can also click 'Notice of payment' to a see a summary of the royalty total, VAT and licensing bodies that are included in your payments.


If you want to compare your royalty data across different statements, click the green Analytics button that’s in the top-right corner of all your statement pages. You can then create a date range (top-left button in the graph panel), then filter by work, usage, territory, PRS performance royalties and MCPS mechanical royalties. You can change your data view, so it shows as a line or bar chart: click the top-right icon in the graph to switch between the two.


Keeping your data secure

We take access to financial information very seriously. Each online account has one primary user and if you’re the primary user you have control over who is able to access the account and what they can see and edit. To do this, log in and go to 'My Account' in your login dropdown (top right of the page) and select 'View Permissions'.

If you can’t see ‘View statements’ on your homepage it may be because you aren’t the primary user on the account. If you think you should have access to statements, contact your primary user so they  can manage your permissions.

switching account

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