Online Statements

We've ended paper and emailed PDF statements for all your royalty payments.

So, if you don’t have an online account, and you’re earning from your music, you’ll need to set one up to see your statement for the April 2021 distribution onwards. The only exception is MCPS B distributions – if you’re an MCPS member, you will still receive these statements by post or email.

How to set up your online account

It’s easy to create your account.

  1. Go to
  2. Submit your basic account details
  3. Wait for us to send your account link

Once we have all your information, and have checked this against your membership agreement, your online account will be ready to use.

The benefits of online statements

We want to offer the best, most efficient service to all our members. One that's secure and fit for a greener, more digital world. Going digital means you can:

  • Access your royalty earnings wherever you are
  • Review the details more easily
  • Use Analytics to identify trends
  • Download each statement as PDF or CSV
  • View statements from December 2015 onwards
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Using Analytics


Protecting your data

Your personal login keeps your online accounts safe and secure. We protect your digital services with various security protocols and firewalls, which we continually review and update.

switching account

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