Online Statements

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Your statements are now available to view online, in addition to your paper or PDF versions. Your PRS and MCPS statements will continue to be released in the same months as now, so your royalty information will refresh online at this time.

Admin Rates

As a membership organisation, we cover the cost of collecting music royalties through our admin rates. We work on continually improving our systems each year so we can keep these as low as possible and we are one of the most cost-effective collecting society in Europe.

Back Claims

Back claims arise when the status of a piece of music changes (e.g. if you register music that has already been released and was previously unregistered). They allow you to claim royalties owed to you for the use of your music.

MCPS commission rates

MCPS consists of various licensing schemes.

MCPS source type codes

MCPS royalty payment statements use a numbering system to identify different royalty sources. These are referred to as 'Source types' on your statement. Each number code corresponds with a particular royalty source.

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