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Quick questions

We've answered a variety of questions over the years, which we've used to update our pages with useful details. Some questions, however, are very specific. We've kept these for here, in Help, where they can be answered a little more quickly, and easily too.

We need a username, password and CAE/IPI number for log-in because more than one person can have access to an account. The CAE/IPI is the unique identification for a member’s account details and royalty data. 

If you joined the Performing Right Society (PRS), your membership will begin on either the 1st January or 1st July, whichever is the closest date before your application. For example, if you applied in September, your start date will be 1st July. If you applied in June, your start date will be 1st January. 

If you joined the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), your membership will begin on the date that your application has been accepted.