Copyright and licensing

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We want to ensure the messaging about copyright and licensing is clear for you, our customers, so we asked the PRS for Music legal team to clarify:

If you perform or authorise the performance of copyright music by and/or to your customers and/or staff, copyright law treats such use as "performance in public" of the music, for which you require a licence from the copyright owner.
Of course, it is not a legal requirement to use PRS for Music's repertoire in your business and you are free not to take out our licence, should you wish to discontinue using our repertoire. If you are unsure of the copyright status of the repertoire being performed at an event you are licensing, it is possible to complete a set list form and return it for us to determine the chargeable status of the event and if there is any amendment to the licence charges.
However if you unreasonably refuse to take out a licence, but continue to use our music, PRS for Music may take things further by initiating and pursuing court proceedings against you for infringement of our copyright by the unlicensed public performance repertoire in your premises. We have a successful track record in this area, having not lost a case in the last 30 years against a variety of sectors.