Who is PRS for Music?

At PRS for Music, we play an important role at the centre of the music industry, helping businesses and community groups get access to the music they need, while making sure the people who created the music are rightfully rewarded, so they can keep on creating. We represent the rights of more than 125,000 UK-based songwriters, publishers and composers as well as many thousands more around the world and distribute royalties to all fairly and efficiently.

Who is PRS?

We have been providing music licences to businesses that play music for customers, employees or both for more than 100 years. The exciting bit is that it not only benefits your business, but also plays a vital role in the creation of new music because

Nearly 90% of all the money collected goes straight back to our members: the songwriters, composers and publishers - we just deduct our running costs.

That’s nearly 210,000 businesses like yours helping secure the future of music.

We are part of a global network of societies. In most cases a licence from us gives those who want to use music the right to legally use millions of copyrighted songs and music compositions registered around the world.

The world at night

We are owned by and accountable to our members. After deducting the costs of running our organisation, all the income we receive from licence fees is distributed back to our members.

At PRS for Music, we deeply believe in supporting up and coming songwriters and provide funding for the PRS Foundation - the UK’s leading funder of new music across all genres, offering financial assistance to ensure amazing talent is seen and heard. The foundation now receives £2m per year from us at PRS for Music.