Music Makeover Restaurants 2017 now open for entries

Do you run a restaurant and have a passion for music? Enter our competition to win £5,000 worth of equipment...

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For the second year running, we are giving your restaurant the chance to win £5,000 worth of music equipment, plus invaluable guidance from music experts and an exclusive launch event featuring performances from PRS for Music members. Click here to enter now.

To promote the importance of music in business, PRS for Music launched its Music Makeover competition in 2011 for the pub sector. The competition has since been expanded to include restaurants. The prize includes a £5,000 makeover which can be spent on a new music system for your premises.

Celebrating the value of music, PRS for Music is also offering a bespoke music consultation from a leading music and technology expert advising them on the best use of music in your restaurant and a launch event to celebrate and promote your win featuring live music from PRS for Music members alongside the £5,000 prize.

Music Makeover Restaurants 2016 finalist - Shuck's
Music Makeover Restaurants 2016 winner, Shuck's

We are proud to relaunch our Music Makeover Restaurants competition this year, where we offer the winning restaurant a £5,000 makeover as well as an exclusive consultation on their music use. There are still a number of people who don’t realise music can add a real layer of competitive advantage to their business, or know how to use music to its full potential, which is where PRS for Music and the business-to-business music services we licence can advise.

Paul Clements, Commercial Director of PRS for Music
Music Makeover

Music Makeover Restaurants 2017 prizes:

  • 1st prize - £5,000 music makeover
    (plus a music consultancy and launch event)
  • 2nd prize - £2,500 music makeover

Our previous Music Makeover winners have spent their prize money on new backline or the installation of high-end live sound systems, and have quickly experienced a positive impact on both their takings and reputation as a live music venue.

Competition closed.

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