Playlist - Spiritland

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of Paul Noble, one of the three musical musketeers behind London vinyl shrine Spiritland.

Together with Patrick Clayton-Malone and Dominic Lake (founders of Canteen, Merchants Tavern), he runs the hi-fidelity concept which puts a state-of-the-art sound system and inventive music programming at its core.

Now preparing to relocate from its temporary East London home to a huge space in Kings Cross, Paul lets us in on the tracks that will be helping Spiritland make the journey and the ones that will be first to grace the new decks…

The playlist

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Pat Metheny Group – Praise (not on Spotify)

Uplifting melodic perfection from the master guitarist on First Circle, the final album from the Pat Metheny Group. The production standards, purity of intent and classic design of ECM Records all speak to us at Spiritland. We could play pretty much anything they release.

Glen Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb 

Written and produced by Brian Wilson, with the gentle voice of Glenn Campbell on vocals. This is Brian in post-surf, pre-Pet Sounds mode, starting to break out of the pop world and play with the format.

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) 

From Remain in Light. This is timeless. Brian Eno on production and Adrian Belew, Nona Hendryx, Jon Hassel and even Robert Palmer on the credits list make this album a Spiritland classic. We’re playing an album start to finish every weekday from start to finish on a dedicated Kuzma turntable. You can expect to hear this one very soon after we open our doors.

Billy Paul – War Of The Gods

2016 has been a brutal year for our musical heroes – Bowie, Prince, Bernie Worrell and Maurice White for starters. The death of Billy Paul in April at the age of 81 didn’t hit as hard as some of the others, but is worth marking with this episodic funk odyssey that sounds immense on the right system.

Fabian – Prophecy 

Thought it may not look like it as first glance, Spiritland carries a debt to the UK’s dub soundsystem culture. The classic Prophecy is a crisp production by Sir Coxsone and will instantly let you know if your setup has what it takes to handle the bass.

Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horsemen

An undisputed classic from the only Greek prog supergroup you’ll ever need. The heaviest drums on earth and a deeply cathartic guitar solo.

Sidiji Diabaté Jnr and Toumani Diabaté – Claudia & Salma

Kora duet heaven from the Malian maestro playing with his son – Toumani on the left, Sidiki on the right. Pure family telepathy and musicianship make the whole album essential.

Con Funk Shun – Let Me Put Love On Your Mind 

A screaming Isley Brothers-esque guitar on a slow jam is always welcome round at ours. They never had the huge hit, but there’s something great on each album.

Little Dragon – Mirror

Dramatic album opener from Little Dragon, always with an eye on the future and hi-tech production chops.

David Bowie – I Can’t Give Everything Away 

End of an album, end of an era, end of the world. A farewell note that grows stronger with every day.


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