What does your brand sound like?

In the spring of 2015, students Jasmine Moradi and Gabriella Johansson conducted a study at the Stockholm School of Economics in collaboration with the music tech company Soundtrack Your Brand and the fashion company GANT Sweden AB.
What does your brand sound like study carried out by Sound Track Your Brand
Image credit: Soundtrack Your Brand

Findings from the study include:

  • Together with other factors of the store experience, brand fit background music contributed to an increased customer satisfaction
  • When background music with brand fit was being played, customers' associations with the brand were strengthened and their attitude towards the perceived store atmosphere was improved
  • Average sales increased by 31.7% when brand fit background music was played compared with when incongruent background music was played in the store
  • The time customers spent in the store increased by 42.24% when background music with brand fit was playing, compared with when no music at all was playing

Read the study for more information and useful advice on how you can start taking control of your brand sound.