Topps Tiles customer research

Music has proved to be a key factor for Topps Tiles customers and staff in a recent survey conducted by Market Measures for PRS for Music.

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81% of customers like to hear music when they are shopping*

Music licensing society PRS for Music has just released the findings from a research piece with Topps Tiles which shows music is valued highly by both its customers and staff.

In a survey conducted by Market Measures, it was found that 81% of people interviewed said they liked to hear music being played in shops. For some groups this was higher still at 91% of people in the 18-34 year old age bracket and 92% of Topps Tiles’ trade customers. The over 55s agreed, with 62% wanting to hear music in store.

The research was commissioned as part of a review being made by Topps Tiles of their in-store radio station amongst customers and staff. Customers reacted well to the radio station with only 3% saying the music had a less than positive impact on their visit.  Customers reported that music not only contributes to creating the right atmosphere but also provides a measure of privacy, helps to fill awkward silences and to  pass the time when waiting to pay. The music also has an indirect benefit to customers as the Topps Tiles customers were exceedingly complimentary about the store staff and acknowledged that having happy staff results in improved service for them.

The radio station was even more of a hit for the staff. They expressed almost unanimous agreement that having music in the work place can contribute to a positive working atmosphere. Staff were happy to provide some feedback about what they liked and what could be improved; getting the right balance of music and avoiding repetition was key.

*The study was conducted by market research agency, Market Measures. 245 Topps Tiles customers were interviewed in six of their largest stores. Customer were asked to listen to the music when they entered the store and asked for their feedback when they left. The sample comprised a broad cross section of people which reflected the customer profile of Topps Tiles and included both retail and trade customers. Alongside the quantitative interviews, 28 semi-structured interviews were conducted to provide greater depth of understanding.430 Topps Tiles staff representing a range of different roles, age groups and locations took part in an online survey. Research was conducted in line with the MRS code of conduct