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What type of user account? 

If you are a PRS or MCPS member you can sign up for an online account - to manage your account and music information - here.

There are two types of online account for members:

Primary user account

This is for individuals and for the lead user or administrator in an organisation. Typical primary users include:

  • Songwriters
  • Composers
  • Main user in a publisher, who is responsible for authorising and removing additional secondary user accounts
Register for a primary user account

Secondary user account(s)

This is for most staff in larger publishers, who are assisting their lead user/administrator to update the publishers' catalogue.

An organisation can only have one primary user account - all additional accounts must be for secondary users.

Secondary users are unable to update sensitive information including bank and address details.

Register for a secondary user account


If you require a secondary account please call 020 3741 4801 (Writers) or 020 3741 4848 (Publishers) to request to have your account allowance increased.


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