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Music wouldn't exist without the work of songwriters, composers and publishers. We're here to represent them and ensure they're rewarded for their creations.

We enable organisations to play, perform and make available copyright music on behalf creators and publishers so that royalties are paid fairly and efficiently. 

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It takes a diverse workforce to build an organisation like ours. We value collaboration and innovation, and believe that by working inclusively, we can achieve the best results for all our customers. 

So, if you're looking for a challenging new opportunity and are excited by the rapidly changing music industry, we might just be the organisation for you.

Covid-19 Recruitment Statement

PRS For Music is continuing to follow the Government recommendation in light of COVID -19 to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, members and candidates. Our focus is to provide our members with the best service and support, and therefore we remain focused on our resourcing strategy and continue to encourage applications for advertised roles.

We are transitioning back to a hybrid model of working across the organisation including in our recruitment process. Whilst our first stage interviews will take place remotely, we want you to experience the culture and working environment at PRS for Music. Therefore, once opened, our new Central London Hub, based in London Bridge will be used for second stage interviews.

We are committed to only recruit for vacancies that are essential to the livelihood and continued service to our members.

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