Nomination to the PRS Members' Council Q&A

Interested in standing for nomination to the PRS Members’ Council? Here are some Q&As you may find useful:

What do I need to do to apply?

Firstly, in order to put yourself forward you need to be a Principal Voting Member. If you’re not sure if you are, check the top left of your monthly newsletter or if you’re still unsure, contact us.

The deadline to submit your nomination is 5pm on Friday 19 February.

For full information on criteria and eligibility visit our 
membership categories webpage. 

What happens after I apply for nomination?

We will be in touch with all confirmed candidates as soon as possible after the deadline to confirm next steps. If there are more candidates than places available, the voting will go to a ballot. If there are more candidates than vacancies available then a Ballot will be held. Voting and Principal Voting members will then vote to determine which candidates they wish to be appointed at the AGM on 19 May 2021.  

How many positions are available on the Members’ Council?

There are two writer positions available and one publisher position available in 2021.

How long do Council Members sit on the Members’ Council?

Once someone is elected, they sit on the Council for three years. At the end of the term, they will retire. If they want to, they can stand for re-election. Council members can only serve for a maximum of five terms in total.

What are the responsibilities of the Council?

Council Members play a very important role in influencing how your society runs and makes sure that we continue to do the best we can for our entire membership.

The Council is focused on:

  • Making sure that we are in close touch with your views, concerns and the needs of  the wider membership
  • Strategic oversight, reviewing company performance and holding the Board to account
  • Approval of the corporate strategy, annual budget and accounts, and the appointment of our CEO and Board members

The Council will meet four times in 2021 and from 2022 this will reduce to three times. Council Members are expected to attend all Members' Council meetings. Council members are also expected to sit on at least one committee.

See our website for a detailed role description.

What’s the structure of the PRS Members’ Council?

The Council is currently made up of:

  • 11 writer Council Members and 11 publisher Council Members (elected by our Principal Voting and Voting members)
  • Four independent non-executive Council Members who bring valuable expertise from outside the music industry
  • One executive director (our CEO)

From 2021 until 2023 there will be a transition period to reduce the number of writer and publisher seats from 11 to eight each. Three of the publisher seats will always be reserved for ‘Designated Publishers’ i.e. the three highest earning publishers.

In the ballot, writers can only vote for writers and publishers for publishers.

The writer Council Members are voted in by other Principal Voting and Voting writer members. The publisher Council Members are voted in by other Principal Voting and Voting publisher members (except for the Designated Publishers).

The results of this are announced at the AGM. Our four independent non-executive Council Members and the CEO are also elected at the AGM, on the Council’s recommendation. From 2021 onwards the three Designated Publishers will also be elected at the AGM.

I’ve got more questions on the Members’ Council, where should I go?

Please contact us if you have questions that aren’t covered by this Q&A.

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