Role of a Council Member

We’re keen to encourage more eligible members to stand for election to the PRS Members’ CouncilBelow you can read what to expect as a Council Member. 

If you're interested in applying head to our Nominations page with full details of the process.

The role and duties of a Council Member


Being a Council Member and a director of a UK company is a serious commitment with certain legal duties and responsibilities  Role of a Council Member  Understand PRS’ purpose, code and vision and embrace PRS’ values  Allocate time for preparation and reading papers in advance of each meeting and attend meetings  Participate in PRS’ committees, sub-groups and subsidiaries  Comply with statutory duties of a director under English law, including to promote the success of PRS for the benefit of all members, and to avoid / declare conflicts of interest  Safeguard and not disclose any PRS confidential information

Time commitment

  • There are three scheduled Members’ Council meetings a year. Members’ Council Committees each meet three to four times a year. In addition, Council Members may be asked to participate in sub-group meetings.
  • A Council Member may also be appointed as a director of the board of directors (the “Board”) of its operating subsidiary PRS for Music Limited and there are six scheduled Board meetings a year. Board Committees may meet six times a year. 
  • A Council Member is expected to be present at all Members’ Council meetings, participate in at least one Committee (Members’ Council or Board) and attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Council, Board and Committee papers are circulated in advance of each meeting via a secure digital board portal, which Council Members are expected to utilise to prepare for meetings. The average volume of reading materials for each meeting is 165 pages.


  • Our Council Members are paid yearly to cover their attendance at the Council, Board and Committee meetings, plus any work outside of these meetings. The basic fee is approved by other members and changed each year by reference to the Retail Price Index (RPI) .
  • The current yearly payment is £16,991. Expenses can be reimbursed if incurred in line with reference to our expenses policy. 

The role of the Members' Council

Governance structure 2020 onwards

What are the responsibilities of the Members’ Council?

Council Members play a very important role in influencing how your society runs and make sure that we continue to do the best we can for our entire membership.

The Council is focused on:

  • Making sure that we are in close touch with the views, concerns and the needs of the wider membership .
  • Strategic oversight, reviewing company performance and holding the Board, and management, to account.
  • Approving the corporate strategy, annual budget and accounts.

2022 vacancies have now been filled following the 2022 Members' Council Ballot

2023 Vacancies will be announced once they are confirmed.

Nominations will open once the vacancies are announced.

To nominate yourself you'll need: 

  • To be a Principal Voting Member of PRS (see the different membership categories)
  • The support of another ten Principal Voting Members of PRS, and their consent to share their details for the nominations process
  • The following supporting documents:
    • Biography (not more than 300 words)
    • Manifesto (not more than 300 words)
    • Recent headshot photograph
    • List of current and recent directorships held within the last five years

Please head to our Nominations page for full details of the process for standing.

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