Nomination to the PRS Members' Council

If you’re an eligible member wishing to nominate yourself for the Members’ Council, read on for how to apply. 

You might first want to familiarise yourself with the role of the Council and its members.

In 2022, there are four writer and four publisher positions available. The deadline to submit your nomination to apply is 5pm on Friday 18 February. 

What do I need for my application?

  1. Check you are a Principal Voting Member. You can check your membership category at the top left of your monthly newsletter or if you're still unsure, contact us
  2. You will need ten Principal Voting Members to support your nomination
  3. A short biography (not more than 300 words)
  4. A list of any current directorships and directorships you have held in the last five years
  5. A short manifesto statement (no more than 300 words) – you should take time over this to make clear exactly what makes your application unique and the value you could bring to the role
  6. A recent head and shoulder photograph (a high enough resolution for it to be reproduced without losing quality, ideally in landscape format)

Points 3 to 6 will be included in our Members’ Council Ballot booklet together with the names of your ten supporters. The booklet will be shared with all members who are eligible to vote at the AGM.

How do I apply?

For 2022 we have introduced a new online Nomination Form which makes it easier than ever to submit your details and manage collecting  support for your nomination. You can complete the Nomination Form in stages, but it must be submitted by the deadline of 5pm on Friday 18 February.

You can check whether a member is a Principal Voting Member and eligible to support your nomination within the Nomination Form. If you need to, you can search for a member's membership (CAE/IPI) number using our Search works tool

You will need to personally reach out to any member you want to support your nomination. You will also need their email address, and consent for it to be used to confirm their support (their email address will be shared with Mi-Voice, the company we’ve commissioned to manage the nominations process).  Here’s how you can explain to your potential supporters exactly what they’re consenting to:

  • You’ll be supporting my nomination to stand for election to the PRS Members’ Council in 2022
  • To support me, you'll need to agree to share your email address with Mi-Voice (the company managing the nominations process for PRS)
  • The email address will only be used by Mi-Voice to invite you to confirm your support

Request access to the Nomination Form below: 

What help is available?  


We recommend that you sign up to one of our webinars on 18 or 24 January at 5pm to 6pm, where you can see a walkthrough of the nomination process, hear from current Council Members and ask any questions. 

Photography help

If you don’t have a head and shoulder photograph, we can arrange for you to have this taken by a professional photographer before the 18 February deadline. 

Manifesto help

You might find useful for inspiration these examples from 2021 from Council Members who were elected:

  • Fiona Bevan manifesto
  • Julian Nott manifesto
  • Peter Woodroofe manifesto

What happens after the 18 February deadline?  

Following the nominations deadline, if there are more candidates standing for the Members’ Council than there are positions available, then a ballot process will take place.  

Candidates’ information and ballot papers are sent to all Principal Voting and Voting Members who can vote in the ballot. The results of the ballot decide who will be proposed as Council Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  

In the ballot:

  • Only Principal Voting and Voting writer members can vote for the writer Council Members
  • Only Principal Voting and Voting publisher members can vote for the publisher Council Members (except for the Designated Publishers, who aren’t entitled to vote or take part in the ballot)

After the nominations deadline, all successful candidates will be provided further details on canvassing options.  

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