Carla Monroe

Carla Monroe


After spending four years managing a team of resettlement workers in two category A and B London prisons, 2017 saw the beginning of a new career path for Carla Monroe. Following the success of her collaboration with US DJ Marc Kinchen ‘MK’ on the single 17, Carla gained much acclaim as it went on to become a smash hit. Peaking at number seven in the UK official chart as well as achieving platinum sales and over 200,000,000 combined streams. Since then, Carla has become a prolific songwriter, who has gone on to collaborate with artists including: Oliver Heldens, Georgio Tuinfort (David Guetta), Julia Michaels and most recently Nervo. With over two million monthly listeners on Spotify, Carla has secured herself as one of the go-to voices in UK dance music.

Carla’s drive and passion for people led her to become an industry mentor at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) London in 2019. In this role she provides advice, guidance and support to the next generation of music makers, steering current students and alumni as they pursue careers in the music industry.

Carla is also an active member of a collective of songwriters headed by Shaurav D’Silva (2TE, Stellar Songs Publishing) and Helienne Lindvall (Chair of the Ivors Academy Songwriter Committee, Board member of the Ivors Academy, Chair of Ivor Novello Awards Committee) who are actively campaigning for per diems and royalties for songwriters across the industry. 


I grew up in a very big Dominican family where music and culture were at the heart of everything! From an early age, I understood that the union of people and the music that makes them forms an intrinsic part of their identity and relationships. I have carried these sentiments forward, striving to create music that offers an opportunity for connection.

As an artist/songwriter who is actively releasing music, I aim to make a valuable contribution by presenting the real concerns of PRS members at a time where streaming is a key contributor to a fast-changing musical climate. I believe my perspective, insight and drive to campaign for better financial rewards for songwriters make me an invaluable contributor.

Another key objective of mine is to ensure PRS continues to be a forward thinking, progressive society that is in touch with both its members and current happenings within the industry – one that is ahead of the curve, fully equipped to handle the next phase of music innovation.

My ambition is to bridge the gap between the Members’ Council and its members by making the society more accessible to the people that make it. I believe equality and diversity is key to achieving this. Music is made by all genders, races and cultures and it’s therefore vital that this is reflected through access to, and representation on the Members’ Council.

My objective is also to work towards changing people’s perspective of what PRS looks like. My experience as a mentor at ICMP has equipped me with a unique set of skills that will enable me to bridge the gap between the institution of PRS and the next generation of young creatives. Giving them a voice, while working to represent PRS as a body that isn’t faceless, but one that is personable and all inclusive. 

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