Directors' Ballot

The 2020 PRS Directors’ Ballot is now closed.

The deadline for voting in this year’s Directors’ Ballot has now passed. If you’re interested in standing for election as a director next year and would like to find out more information, have a look at our ‘Role of a director’ document, linked to on the right hand side of this page.

The Ballot determines the eligibility of candidates for appointment or re-appointment as directors of the PRS Board by members at the AGM, which will take place on Tuesday 18 August.

What is the PRS Board?

The Board is our governing body. It is made up of 25 directors:

  • 11 writers
  • 11 publishers
  • Two external directors (who bring valuable expertise from outside of the music industry)
  • One executive director (our Chief Executive)

Our Board members are directors of the Performing Right Society Ltd and have legal duties under the Companies Act 2006. A director’s term of office lasts for three years. At the end of each term directors may stand for re-appointment.

This year we are proposing important changes to the way we are governed and are asking our Principal Voting and Voting members to vote in favour of these changes. They will impact the way your Society is run, making us more efficient and member focused. You can find out more on our governance review page.

Who can vote in the Directors’ Ballot?

Principal Voting or Voting members are eligible to vote in a Directors’ Ballot.

Formal Notice

If you are a Principal Voting or Voting member, you should receive your Formal Notice of the AGM by 1 August. If you’re expecting it by email, please check the junk folder in your email account. If you haven’t received it by 5 August, please email

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