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Winners report: Peppa Pig nursery experience 

PRS for Music promoted its £40 nurseries tariff by offering licensed nurseries the chance to win their own live Peppa Pig experience.

To promote the value and importance of music and to ensure that all UK nurseries are fully licensed to play copyright music, our nurseries tariff has been simplified to a flat rate of £40 a year. This allows nurseries around the UK to enjoy all of the 14.7 million works in PRS for Music’s repertoire.

To celebrate, we launched a competition open to all UK nurseries with a valid PRS for Music licence. Each entry received a free Peppa Pig digital play pack.

The prize:

Live Peppa Pig experience in your nursery, comprising story-telling, singsongs plus a meet and greet with Peppa and friends.

The winning nursery:

We were overwhelmed by the number of entrants from licensed nurseries across the UK, but congratulations to our winners... Bellaclaire Childcare in Longstanton, Cambridge.

Bellaclaire submitted the below entry:

This photo was taken at Bellaclaire where the children are listening to the other children each taking it in turns to sing to each other. We do this almost on a daily basis with various instruments and actions to go with it. The children love to share their songs and actions with each other, it builds confidence in even the quietest of children. We also have twins who are very dear to us with additional needs, they both love music and movement but love Peppa Pig!

Having won the competition, Bellaclaire Childcare said:

"Bellaclaire Childcare opened it's doors in April 2015 with just 4 children, we now have 36 children and growing. We are striving to provide a setting where each child is treated as an individual and often music plays an integral part in the development of their learning journey both as individuals and as part of a group. The children are going to be delighted and so excited when we tell them Peppa Pig and friends are coming to Bellaclaire! Thank you."

The live Peppa Pig experience will be held at Bellaclaire Childcare nursery, Longstanton in January 2016.


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