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How you are supporting UK music 

As we mentioned, a whopping 90 percent of your licence money goes straight back into supporting British music (the rest on our running costs) but rather than take our word for it, have a listen to some of our members talking about how you have helped them on their way.

The PRS for Music Foundation gives up and coming, talented artists the opportunity to develop their career. Read some of the most recent examples below and click here for further examples.

Years And Years

“The ‘Real’ video and single was what got us noticed by labels and blogs and the fund allowed us to keep our momentum… we had no other way of supporting ourselves at that point.” - Years And Years


"The last two years have been amazing. As an unsigned band we've managed to play in great venues up and down the country to our amazing fan base, including 1000+ cap venues in Birmingham &
London. We also charted in the Top 75 with our debut album which I am really proud of. None of this could have happened without the Momentum Fund, it really helped us out at a crucial time and we
used to money in a really positive way to make the band grow into what it is now."
- Conor Schofield, JAWS

Dutch Uncles

“The funding helped the band change the way they write and record over a prolonged period… allowing for a greater opportunity to nurture the quality of song writing in particular and this is plain to see in the quality of the completed album… not having to compromise on players and the breathing space the money has afforded the band to write and record the best possible album.” -
Dan Parrot, Dutch Uncles manager


Watch the interview with Ghostpoet here

"Even though I had limited funds it made me think about the creative process - all these things that the general public don’t really realise… we’ve all got to eat and we’ve all got to continue our art. Anyway that is possible, I’m going to try and pursue because I want to make good music for as long as I can.” 

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