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Do It Digital launches 2017 campaign 

PRS for Music continued their partnership with Small Business Saturday in 2017 by supporting the launch of their Do It Digital campaign.

Do It Digital is a campaign to share, signpost and celebrate all things that help small businesses get more out of digital. It is an independent, not-for-profit campaign that looks to highlight resources around the UK, online and off, that can help small businesses take the next step in digital, whatever their current level of skill and engagement may be.

Visit the Do It Digital website

PRS for Music attended the launch of the campaign at Somerset House, London alongside some of the UK's leading digital business figures including the Minister of State for Digital & Culture, Matt Hancock MP.

Minister of State for Digital & Culture, Matt Hancock MP gives his address at the launch of the Do It Digital campaign at Somerset House

Key figures from some of the UK's leading digital businesses were in attendance

Michelle Ovens MBE (Director, Do It Digital) said:
“Small businesses are a key part of both our economy and our culture. When we talk about the 5.5 million small businesses in the UK we are not talking in the abstract - we mean the one man bands who run everything from manufacturing, to marketing, from comms to finance; we mean the micro businesses with less than ten staff who are multi-taskers at their core; and we mean small family businesses, growing businesses, manufacturing, retail, services and trades.

We need to turn up the volume on what is available for small businesses, and we need to drive small businesses to take up that help. Small businesses are time poor, often on a tight budget and not without fears around the risks of digital, whether that be cyber security, data sharing or brand exposure. We need to reassure and encourage small businesses to overcome these barriers.

This week, Do It Digital is asking the UK to make a pledge to up its game in helping small business digital engagement in 2017. If we all make a step change, in whatever way is relevant to each of us, we can make a significant overall difference to the small business community. This commitment can be training in digital tools or skills, increasing access via new website or trading platforms, or on-going mentoring to help small businesses maximise the potential of digital.”

Do It Digital's Director, Michelle Ovens MP officially launches the 2017 campaign

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